EK LEGAL is a boutique law firm, where we deliver legal advice to business clients.

We provide day – to – day legal services to companies and entrepreneurs, as well as representation in transactions, claims and litigation. Our clients are entrepreneurs and business representatives.

We follow the idea of “You do Business We Do Legal”

We aim to provide our clients not only with high quality legal services, delivered within areas of our expertise and experience, but also to act as a trusted advisor who helps to run business efficiently, safely and consciously.

INDUSTRIES – who do we support daily?

Our clients are business representatives, but above all they are people who pursue their projects with passion and integrity. 

We mostly work with creative industries and representatives of the world of innovation and new technologies. Our portfolio consists of projects carried out for such entities as: video games’ and mobile applications’ development studios and publishers, suppliers of new technologies and innovative solutions, as well as conference and event organizers, portals, publishing houses, architecture studios, auction houses, owners of online shops and film and television producers.

Industries: | publishing | video games | mobile applications | computer software | research and development | biomedical engineering | new technologies | book | film | television | theatre | art | music | fashion | architectural design | interior design | graphic design | photography | advertising | press | media | e- commerce | IT | education | training | culture and art | science and technology | events | organisation of competitions and events on-site and online | healthcare | medical services | business services | public relations and communication | market research and opinion polling 

AREAS OF LAW – in which areas of law are we experts?

We have a solid legal education and skills verified by experience gained in a variety of environments and projects. However, what distinguishes us is our expert knowledge and unique experience in three areas of law – intellectual property, commercial and white collar crime law.

Within the scope of our main specialization, we successfully advise in the areas of copyright law and industrial property law. On a regular basis we offer solutions based on the provisions of civil, commercial, and business law, including corporate law. We also provide specialized legal services in the field of white collar crime and combating unfair competition.

A specialization in labour law and data protection law is a natural completion to the above. 

As a result, we are able to comprehensively understand and safeguard our clients’ interests in their business ventures.